Blue Diamonds and Black Diamonds; Diamonds Every Color of the Rainbow

What is it about COLORed Diamonds that makes them so appealing? Well, apart from their beauty and mystery, they are widely appreciated by designers, retailers and manufacturers for their affordability and fashionable nature. Our most popular sellers, blue diamonds and black diamonds, are particularly useful as dramatic counterpoints to white diamonds.

Generally,COLORed Diamonds are more affordable than white diamonds. This is not because the diamonds we treat are originally flawed in any way, but because they already have a latent color that simply needs to be enhanced. In other words, the original raw diamonds used for coloring are not entirely white.

Treated color diamonds are certainly more affordable than natural color diamonds, which due to their scarcity and prestige tend to have prices soaring into the stratosphere.

Naturally COLORed Diamondsare so difficult to find that it’s simply impossible for designers to work in the hope that they’ll find a naturally COLORed Diamondsof the correct shade, shape and size that they require.LOTUS COLORS, INC. can supply a wide variety of color enhanced diamonds reliably in precise shapes, shades and sizes, making them far more practically useful. Our diamonds can be ordered in bulk, and their uniformity can be guaranteed.

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are the only gemstones to occur in all 11 color families, and they can potentially assume almost any color – blue, green, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, brown, gray, black or white. But their rarity and scarcity makes it incredibly difficult to find a specific shade and size. A supply of enhanced color diamonds, on the other hand, can be guaranteed. We have refined our processes to create accurate shades, and supply in a variety of cuts and sizes. Our stock is huge and our processes are quick, so that even in the unlikely event that we don’t have your desired diamond in stock, we can quickly produce it. Our well sorted inventory helps you sell add-on pieces to the same customer over years with ease. Color enhanced diamonds are readily available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, giving a jewelry designer unlimited possibilities.

While there are plenty of naturally colored gems available, they simply cannot match the brilliance and durability of a diamond. The reason diamonds are so valuable in the first place is for their truly unbeatable brilliance and hardness; LOTUS COLORS, INC. diamonds combine this with vivid color. Blue diamonds and red diamonds, for example, tend to sparkle more than sapphires or rubies. No other black gemstone shines like a black diamond, no matter how much it is polished. Which one is more Brilliant?

The real beauty of enhanced color diamonds, of course, is their ability to complement other gemstones. Blue diamonds surrounding a sapphire look spectacular, for example, as they emphasise the intensity of color and bring an extra level of sparkle to the piece. Also a white diamond surrounded by blue diamonds will be just as spectacular as both share the same brilliance.

Finally, as one of the hardest substances on Earth, the durability of diamonds is guaranteed. While other gemstones can easily crack or degrade over time, the enhanced diamond will remain just as it is for many thousands of years. This means that diamond jewelry, unlike jewelry made with other colored gemstones, won’t need to be repaired every few years.