Our Vision

Enhanced COLORed DIAMONDS were created in order to answer the market demand for COLORed DIAMONDS that nature simply couldn’t satisfy. Our vision, therefore, is to create a diamond of every color in the spectrum, and for every color to be consistently available.

For this reason, we keep our inventory well-stocked. No order is too large or too small; we are equally as happy to supply one single diamond as we are to fill an order for many thousands.

We believe in enhanced COLORed DIAMONDS, and we’re willing to share our enthusiasm. We’ll be happy to provide help and advice about how to market our diamonds, how best to display them, and how to talk to your customers about the diamond enhancement process. We’ll also be happy to take back any diamonds you buy from us, even a year after your original purchase, if you find that they don’t suit your customer base.

We’re happy to say that we abide by strict U.S. safety standards at all times, and will vouch for the absolute safety of both our processes and the resulting product.

We’re incredibly proud of our progress over the past twenty years, having been among the first to create purple and pink diamonds, and the first to adopt every form of new technology. Today, over 80% of jewelry stores stock enhanced COLORed DIAMONDS, and we ship to over 25 countries globally. In the future, we hope to be able to make affordable COLORed DIAMONDS available in every country in the world.