Our Profile

LOTUS COLORS, INC. has a vast amount of collective knowledge of every aspect of the precious gemstone trade. Our previous experience with both colored stones and white diamonds has given us the knowledge we needed to become one of the top producers and wholesalers of color enhanced diamonds today. We have some of the finest gemologists and researchers in the world who ensure that we are always at the forefront of technological developments.

We are proud to have been at the forefront of the process that brought COLORed DIAMONDS to jewelry stores and designers the world over – and we strive to make diamond enhancement not just a process but an art form.

Why did we choose Color Enhanced Diamonds?

During the early nineties, enhanced rubies, sapphires and other gemstones were gaining acceptance in the market. Consumers had begun to realise that enhanced stones looked better and were more affordable than natural stones, and retailers had discovered that the availability of enhanced gemstones made them a far more viable option than rarer natural stones. We realised that the sale of enhanced gemstones was thriving and began experimenting with the enhancement of diamonds.

We understood that if we used safe technologies to produce beautiful color enhanced diamonds, and right marketing strategies to distribute them, these stones would also become an important part of the gemstone market.

Our previous work with natural color gemstones together with our experience in cutting and marketing white diamonds has translated into invaluable insight into manufacturing and sales of color enhanced diamonds.

Our thorough understanding of color variations is an important foundation of our grading system, a professional method of assorting COLORed DIAMONDS, unique in the industry.

The Stages of the Process

We source our diamonds from cutting centers in Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Antwerp and Hong Kong. After they have been sourced, they are then pre-assorted for enhancement. Because only certain diamonds turn certain colors, we cannot use simply any diamonds for the process. Our experts assess the color potential of each diamond and sort them accordingly.

Once they are sorted, they are then sent to our state-of-the-art laboratories right here in the United States, where the enhancement process will begin. Depending on the desired result, we usually use either low-energy electron acceleration to irradiate the diamonds or heat them at a high temperature in conditions of very high pressure (HPHT). In one case, we use a coating process i.e. coated pinks.

After enhancement, the diamonds are again sorted to match the shades and marketed globally from our office in New York. From there, our diamonds are used in jewelry design throughout the world.

The key to running our operation professionally and systematically is using specialists for every important task, such as grading or color-enhancing the diamonds. This means our customers can count on dealing with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff at every level of operation.


Today, all of our diamond enhancements are done within the U.S., and to strict U.S. safety standards, with the one exception of the heated blacks, which are safely produced abroad. The processes have been refined to the degree that we can now create diamonds of every color of the rainbow, and in several different shades. The enhancement is done in controlled laboratory conditions, and by highly qualified professionals.

Our twenty years of experience has allowed us to create every color of the rainbow, including pink. We carry over 40,000 cts of loose color enhanced diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.01 cts to 5 cts in sixteen different colors. In order to show our diamonds to their best advantage, we have designed our own high-end jewelry line made with VS-SI1 quality diamonds.

We pride ourselves at being a one-stop shop to meet all your COLORed DIAMONDS needs. With one of the largest inventories in the trade, we have what you’re looking for.