Introducing COLORed DIAMONDS

When introducing enhanced-color diamonds to your customer base, it’s important to know the benefits of choosing them above other colored gemstones. Here are some key points to stress:

"An Affordable Alternative"

Natural color diamonds are extremely scarce in supply, and can command extortionate prices that are simply out of reach of most people. Color-enhanced diamonds are an affordable alternative which looks practically the same as its natural counterpart.

"Unrivalled by Other Gems"

No other gemstone could ever compete with the diamond in terms of brilliance and durability. Even though other gemstones are polished, they can simply never rival the impressive sparkle of a real diamond. COLORed DIAMONDS combine a beautiful variety of colors with the brilliance and durability of a diamond, thereby making it a product that combines the best of both worlds.

"Most Gemstones Are Enhanced"

Almost all gemstones are today enhanced in some way. Nearly all tanzanites are heated, most blue topazes are irradiated, and many emeralds are oiled. Generally it is normal trade practice to enhance stones to either improve appearance or to create a consistent supply of stones that are not abundant in nature.

"The Process is Extremely Advanced"

Although diamonds have been enhanced since the beginning of the twentieth century, the process is far more advanced than it once was. In fact, scientists are now able to recreate the conditions in the mantel of the Earth which forms naturally COLORed DIAMONDS.

"Permanent and Safe"

No radiation can be left behind in the stone after the irradiation process is complete, and here at Lotus Colors we use only a low-energy process which complies fully with all U.S. safety standards. After the enhancement process is complete, the color can only be affected by extremely high temperatures. In absence of extreme conditions, the color of an enhanced diamond will last a lifetime.

"Enhancement Doesn’t Hide Flaws"

Diamonds are color-enhanced to fulfil a market preference for color, not to correct flaws. This is in contrast to the enhancement of other gemstones, which is systematically done to hide flaws. In fact, in many cases color enhancement would only make flaws more obvious, so only high quality diamonds can be used.

"Not Synthetic in Any Way"

The raw stones used for enhancement are naturally near-colorless, and the color is not something we add artificially, it is already latently within the diamond itself. It only takes the irradiation and HPHT processes to allow the natural color to shine through.

"Rare and Unique"

Not only are diamonds rare themselves, but it is also not possible to manufacture an entire production identical in color due to the nuances of the process and the atomic characteristics of the diamonds. Also colors like pinks and purples cannot be predetermined. Finally, only the choicest diamonds are offered to the client.

"Treasures Designed to Last a Lifetime"

The enhancing of a diamond doesn’t affect its durability in any way. That means COLORed DIAMONDS are far more durable than any other gemstone, and can be passed on for generations without the diminishment of color.