In order to sell Colored Diamonds, it’s important to know exactly who the enhanced diamond appeals to. Here at Lotus Colors, we have spent many years researching our customer profile and we have come to the conclusion that the main aspect which defines color diamond customers is their need to own something unique.

White diamonds are beautiful, but everyone has seen a white diamond before. Discerning buyers of jewelry will no doubt already have one, or perhaps many, white diamond pieces. The COLORed DIAMONDS customer is someone who is searching for something that goes beyond their expectations, something they can use to express their personality, without sacrificing any of their taste.

The most discerning of customers will know that pink diamonds are the rarest on Earth. A pink diamond therefore comes with an extra level of desirability that the white diamond simply cannot match. Many celebrities (including David and Victoria Beckham) have recently been spotted wearing pink diamonds, and the most fashionable of jewelry buyers will already know that color diamonds are currently very in vogue.

No one can deny that diamonds are indeed the highest form of gemstone on Earth, and a color diamond combines the expressive ability of other gemstones with the unique brilliance of diamond. The color diamond customer is not someone who is willing to compromise; she is someone who wants the best of all worlds.