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The prices are determined by a variation on the ‘Four C’s’: carat, clarity, color and cut – the standard way to determine the price in white diamonds.

If the diamonds’ clarity is similar, most enhanced COLORed DIAMONDS have prices slightly lower than naturally white diamonds, because the diamonds we use as raw material are not white but off-colors. However, colors which are particularly difficult to produce such as pink can be more expensive than white. Also, colors such as Aqua Blue, Ice green & Coated Pink are more expensive as we use white diamonds to make them. Black diamonds are the least expensive as they are the easiest to produce.

The cost of raw material and ease of production determines the price differences across different colors. Enhanced black diamonds are relatively inexpensive because black is the easiest color to produce, and you can use any decent-clarity diamond as their base. On the other hand, enhanced pink diamonds cost much more because they are the hardest to produce consistently as it is very difficult to predict which base stones will emerge in those colors.

The lighter colors such as Aqua Blue, Ice Green or Ice Pink are made using white diamonds whereas the more intense colors such as Royal Blue, Emerald Green or Orangish Cognac are made using browner diamonds. The higher cost of the raw material used to make the lighter colors is what makes them more expensive.

All of our diamonds are treated using either irradiation, HPHT (high temperature, high pressure) or coating. While most colors can be achieved using irradiation alone, some colors can be made using the HPHT process . Only one of our colors is coated and that’s the Ice Pink diamond. This is because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve such a shade using the other processes.