Diamond Purchases

Here at Lotus Colors, we’re always looking for diamonds with great latent color potential (off-color diamonds) to transform. Unlike most dealers, we aren’t interested in white diamonds. Instead, we specifically want to purchase off-color browns and capes for our unique enhancement processes. These diamonds are far more valuable to us than they are to any other dealer, and for that reason we are willing to pay well for them.

Every diamond has color potential. Through our hi-tech irradiation and HPHT procedures, we are able to bring out the latent color of that diamond. That means off-color diamonds are our raw material, and we are always in the market to purchase J-U colors (VVS-SI2 clarity) in any shape or size in both browns and capes.

These diamonds are essential to our business, and for that reason we pay very well. Simply send us your diamonds, and we’ll send you a check immediately.

We buy the following :

Colors Clarities Sizes Shapes
J-U Color (capes & browns) VVS-SI2 25 pts to 5 cts All Shapes other than Baguettes
J-U Color (capes & browns) VS-I1 1 pts to 25 pts Rounds, Princes’ & Pear Shapes
F-I Color VVS-SI2 25 pts to 5 cts All Shapes
F-I Color VS-I1 1 pts to 25 pts All Shapes other than Baguettes

We’re also interested in buying finished pieces of jewelry containing VS-SI1 clarity diamonds. The pieces can be necklaces, pendants, rings or earrings ranging in value from 500$ to 50,000$ per piece, just as long as the diamond content is at least 60% of the value of the piece.

Please call us on 800-730-8730 or email ny@lotuscolors.net if you have any of the above for sale.