Color Diamonds – The Basics

The Magical World of Colored Diamonds

“Diamonds are distinguished.” “Diamonds are extraordinary.” “Diamonds are forever.”

Color Enhanced Diamonds are all that in gorgeous colors.

In recent times, a number of celebrities have bought important natural fancy color diamonds. Magazines are filled with articles about the astronomical prices fetched by auction houses for these much coveted beauties. This has spread awareness and created demand for a product that combines the adamantine brilliance and legendary strength of diamonds with the pristine colors of gemstones.

It is difficult for natural color diamonds to satisfy this demand since they are rare and often prohibitively expensive. Color Enhanced Diamonds offer the perfect solution. They are accessible, affordable and can be consistently supplied.

Natural Blue Diamonds

A Wonder of NatureColored Diamond Rings The Hope Diamond, a large and spectacular naturally blue diamond, is probably the most famous jewel on Earth. Its status comes not only from its size, but from its particular deep indigo color, the result of boron particles within its crystal structure. It was formed deep within the Earth’s crust around 1.1 billion years ago, and is a truly unique geological wonder. Diamonds can naturally be colored blue, black, yellow, brown, green, red, orange, purple or pink, depending on the trace elements they contain. Naturally Colored Diamondsare a rarity, but their rarity is part of what makes them so appealing. Sadly it’s also what makes them so expensive.

Colored Diamonds

Necessity is the Mother of InventionDifferent Color Diamonds Vivid Colored Diamondsare truly beautiful, but to most of us natural color diamonds are sadly completely out of reach. Due to their rarity and popularity, scientists were driven to experiment with ways of enhancing the color of a diamond. It took many years, but eventually using methods such as irradiation, HPHT and coating, scientists came up with ways to create diamonds of every color of the rainbow which would be affordable to everyone.

These processes are entirely safe and completely permanent, and the diamonds which are produced are just as brilliant and durable as they were before treatment. There is no way to tell them apart from a naturally Colored Diamondswith the naked eye alone. What used to take nature many thousands of years can now be achieved in just a few hours with modern technological processes.

There is nothing out of the ordinary about the enhancement of gems and precious stones these days, of course. In fact, most of the rubies, sapphires and tanzanites you’ll see in jewelry stores have actually already been treated to hide flaws and imperfections. But unlike those gems, which are mainly treated to hide flaws and imperfections, diamonds are enhanced to satisfy a market demand for the unique marriage of color, brilliance & durability that only diamonds can offer. In fact, the enhancement of a diamond will only make any flaws or imperfections more obvious. This means that only diamonds of the finest quality can be used for color treatment.


Here at LOTUS COLORS, INC., our scientists and researchers have spent many years perfecting the creation of color diamonds. The process can be a long and arduous one, and begins with the careful selection of the right group of diamonds for the process. Almost any diamond has color or color potential, but some are better to use than others. After we have selected the stones, we use either the irradiation, HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) or coating processes to create the desired color. Most of our colors can be created with the irradiation process alone, while HPHT yields pink, purple, yellow & green diamonds. The only color for which we use the coating process for is Ice Pink.

The Colored Diamondscreated by LOTUS COLORS, INC. are of the finest quality on Earth and are most of the times indistinguishable from natural color diamonds. After enhancement the diamonds retain their strength, durability and trademark brilliance while attaining their potential in vibrant and permanent colors. With the proper care, their color will remain just as vivid for a lifetime.