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Color enhanced diamonds are real, not synthetic diamonds. Typically, these diamonds are nearly colorless in their raw state but subsequently undergo a color-enhancement process to attain brilliant colors.

Naturally COLORed DIAMONDS are extremely desirable and far more brilliant than other colored gemstones. They are also extremely rare and hence expensive. The processes of irradiation and HPHT imitate the natural conditions in which color diamonds are produced, and simply guarantee that sufficient numbers of color diamonds are always affordably available.

Yes, plenty of other gemstones from pearls to sapphires and rubies are treated and enhanced as standard. Even many white diamonds for sale have been treated to enhance their clarity.

The reason diamonds are more desirable than other gemstones is for their unique marriage of hardness, brilliance and durability. Color diamonds add color to these qualities, making them far more impressive than other gemstones.

All of our diamonds are treated using either irradiation, HPHT (high temperature, high pressure) or coating. While most colors can be achieved using irradiation alone, some colors can be made using the HPHT process . Only one of our colors is coated and that’s the Ice Pink diamond. This is because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve such a shade using the other processes.

No. While other gemstones are usually treated to hide flaws, flaws in diamonds only become more visible after coloring. This means that only diamonds of a superior clarity can be colored. But unlike those gems, which are mainly treated to hide flaws and imperfections, diamonds are enhanced to satisfy a market demand for the unique marriage of color, brilliance & durability that only diamonds can offer.

Although color enhancement was first successfully carried out in 1904, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the process became simple and safe enough to be done in commercial quantities and enhanced diamonds became popular. The process of electron acceleration which is used to make COLORed DIAMONDS today has been around since the seventies.

Synonyms include Colored Diamonds, enhanced diamonds, irradiated diamonds and treated diamonds. We do not like to use the term ‘treated diamonds’ as it implies that the diamonds were somehow defective at origin. We also avoid using the term ‘irradiated diamonds’ because, while correct, the term can be easily misunderstood as implying that the diamonds are radioactive or otherwise unsafe.