COLORed DIAMOND Jewelry by Lotus Colors

Generally, we focus on manufacturing and selling loose mined color enhanced diamonds rather than designing our own jewelry, but for the purpose of exhibiting our diamonds to their best effect we have designed a complete collection.

These, colored diamond jewelry, can be used as ‘test’ products, so to speak, if you wish to experiment with COLORed DIAMONDS before making your own pieces.

The Unique Lotus Colors Collection

  • Multiple Color Options – While most jewelry manufacturers have only one or two color options (usually blue diamonds or black diamonds, the most popular varieties), our extensive inventory of loose diamonds has allowed us to create jewelry in four vibrant colors blue, green, golden & cognac.
  • Large Inventory – We carry a large number of multiple pieces of each style at hand to enable immediate overnight shipping.
  • Innovative use of Color – Our extensive loose diamond inventory means we have the ability to be more inventive with our use of color, creating complicated has allowed us to do difficult things like color graduations or using multiple colors in one style.
  • Consistency of Color – Our in-depth understanding of color ensures that all of the diamonds in each piece are perfectly matched. Also, each separate piece of jewelry will match the others, allowing you to sell add-on pieces to your customers.
  • Superior Quality – All the diamonds we use in our stock pieces are strictly VS-SI1 in clarity, and we can manufacture all the styles we have in SI2-I1 upon request.
  • Competitive Pricing – Even though all our diamonds are of VS-SI1 quality, our prices are very reasonable. You should always remember that enhanced diamonds are much cheaper than their natural counterparts, despite negligible difference in appearance.
  • No Salespeople – We understand that you need time to look properly at our collection before making any decisions, and for this reason we will never send a salesperson to your door. Instead we simply ship our goods by FedEx, giving you a few days to decide which pieces you like best.
Please do call us on +1 (212) 730-4323 or email to see samples of our jewelry or loose diamonds.