Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds hold a special place among the wide range of Colored Diamonds. They are often referred as one of the most common forms of Colored Diamonds. Yellow Diamond exhibit intensely beautiful shine and are hugely popular with diamond lovers. They carry relatively affordable price tag. Moreover, Yellow Diamond complement both white as well as yellow gold and can be an excellent alternative to white diamond itself.

We offer two distinct shades of Yellow Diamonds; Canary Yellow and Golden Yellow. Canary Yellow Diamonds have a bright yellow shade and are often known as pure intense yellow diamonds. While, Golden Yellow Diamonds have warmer undertones of yellow.

We have an extensive stock of yellow diamonds in Canary Yellow and Golden Yellow shades in different cuts and quality levels. Our yellow diamonds are divided in five different quality levels and are available in Rounds and Princes’ cuts, Pears, Radiant, Cushions, Ovals, Marquises, Asscher & Emerald cuts. The grading is done on the basis of color and clarity.

At Lotus Colors, Inc., we emphasize in creating purest yellow diamonds. In order to achieve this, we employ both irradiation and HPHT processes. As HPHT process is quite complex, our HPHT processed yellow diamonds are priced expensively. As a valuable buying tip, you should avoid yellow diamond which has undertones of green, black, brown or orange and should always prefer purest forms of yellow diamond.

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