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Turn Your Off-color Diamond into a Vibrant Blue Diamond
Why Color Enhance Your Diamonds?Which colors can your diamonds be turned into?The treatment process work flow
As you have read, through the processes of irradiation, HPHT and coating, we at LOTUS COLORS, INC. are able to create diamonds of every color of the rainbow. Color diamonds are currently very fashionable, and enhanced diamonds can barely be discerned from naturally COLORed DIAMONDS. In many cases, color enhancement can turn a slightly colored, unclear diamond into a brilliant, vividly colored one.

If you have a diamond you’d like transformed, we’ll be happy to do that for you. Bear in mind, however, that we cannot turn any diamond any color. All diamonds already have a certain color potential, created by the trace elements they contain. We can tell you the color your diamond will turn by examining it.

As a rough guide, if your diamond is brownish, it is likely to turn a darker shade. If it is more transparent, a lighter shade can be achieved. For example, our Aqua Blue diamonds are made from almost white diamonds, while our Royal Blue diamonds are made from brown diamonds. Similarly, our Canary Yellow diamonds are made from lighter, clearer diamonds, while Golden Yellow diamonds are made from darker shades. Please bear in mind that very few diamonds have the ability to become purple or pink, while our lightest shade of pink diamond, Ice Pink, is made from a high-quality white diamond that has been coated to appear pink.

The clarity of a diamond does not physically improve due to to the enhancement process. But certain clarities can become more or less visible i.e. black inclusions can become less visible in a Blue Diamond but white feathers will become more visible against the background color in the same diamond. Also, black piques are more visible in the yellow colors.

The color potential of a diamond depends on its current color:

White diamonds (D-I Colors) can become Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow & Ice Green.


Top light browns (TLB’S, C3-C5, medium browns, champagnes) can become Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Orangish Cognac, Reddish Cognac & Golden Yellow.


Top light capes (K-light yellows) can become Pine Green or Ice Green (florescent capes) or Canary Yellow (non-florescent capes).


Dark browns (C6-C7) can become Reddish Cognac or Orangish Cognac.



On receipt of your diamonds, our experts will call you to discuss the various color options available to you. We will rank the colors which can be achieved in order of their attractiveness and you can then decide which color you would like. The service has an extremely fast turnaround time; your enhanced diamonds will be returned to you in just two-three weeks.

Enhancement is safely carried out in the U.S., and according to strict U.S. safety standards using only the most advanced methods and state-of-the-art facilities.

Before we start the process, we need you to sign a disclaimer waiving us off any liability caused by the result of the process. We will try and do everything in our power to attain the best colors but if you are not satisfied with the result you cannot hold us responsible.

Our twenty years of experience allows us to obtain the optimum color from each diamond sent to us. To discuss the various color options available to you, just call us on (212) 730-4323 or email ny@lotuscolors.net. We look forward to hearing from you.

We color enhance all our diamonds in the U.S.A. (except heated Blacks).

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