Sales Pitches for COLORed DIAMONDS

Blue Diamonds for SaleFor some customers, COLORed DIAMONDS are an unfamiliar and unusual phenomenon. It can be difficult at times like this to explain exactly what enhanced COLORed DIAMONDS are, and why they are so uniquely desirable. In order to help your sales team as much as possible, we’ve come up with some handy sales pitches for  COLORed DIAMONDS.

“Have a look at the brilliance of this color diamond…” - Part of what makes  COLORed DIAMONDS so popular is that they are so brilliant in comparison with other gemstones. If your customer is looking for a particular color, show them the color diamond and its equivalents gemstone. Show a red diamond with a ruby, for example, and a blue diamond with a sapphire. It will be immediately apparent that the diamond is of superior quality and appearance.
“Imagine your great granddaughter wearing this ring.” - Unlike other gemstones, color enhanced diamonds are designed to last many, many years. Other gemstones can chip and become dull, but with the very minimum of care a COLORed DIAMONDS will remain just as vivid and brilliant as it is today through the generations. Emphasising the longevity of a color diamond will make the customer realise its true value.
“We can make any color combination you want in that beautiful earring that you loved so much” - The rarity and scarcity of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds makes it incredibly difficult to find a specific shade and size. A supply of enhanced color diamonds, on the other hand, can be guaranteed. We have refined our processes to create accurate shades, and supply in a variety of cuts and sizes.  COLORed DIAMONDS are readily available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, giving a jewelry designer unlimited possibilities.
“Did you want to buy a perfectly matching earring for the blue diamond ring you bought last Christmas?” -  COLORed DIAMONDS are readily available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, giving a jewelry designer unlimited possibilities. We have refined our processes to create accurate shades, and supply in a variety of cuts and sizes. Our well sorted and readily available inventory helps you sell add-on pieces to the same customer with ease.
“They are incredibly difficult to manufacture.” - Natural color diamonds are incredibly rare, but enhanced color diamonds are hardly easy to produce. It may seem that way today, but only because science has advanced to the point where we are able to imitate the incredible forces of nature in the laboratory. It has taken many, many years for scientists to come up with these methods, and even now it is still difficult to produce colors such as pink. It is important to convey to customers that COLORed DIAMONDS are not simply ‘painted’ or altered in any simple fashion. The processes use multi-million dollar machines and a lot of technology, experience, effort and care is put into manufacturing the beautiful diamond that they are now holding in their hand.
“Unlike most gemstones diamonds are not color enhanced to hide flaws.” -There is nothing out of the ordinary about the enhancement of gems and precious stones these days, of course. In fact, most of the rubies, sapphires and tanzanites you’ll see in jewelry stores have actually already been treated to hide flaws and imperfections. But unlike those gems, which are mainly treated to hide flaws and imperfections, diamonds are enhanced to satisfy a market demand for the unique marriage of color, brilliance & durability that only  COLORed DIAMONDS can offer. In fact, the enhancement of a diamond will only make any flaws or imperfections more obvious. This means that only diamonds of the finest quality can be used for color treatment.
“Let’s compare this enhanced color diamond with a natural color diamond.” -One of the best things about enhanced color diamonds is that they cannot be discerned from natural color diamonds by anyone but an expert. Even an expert can’t always tell the difference! If a customer assumes that natural diamonds would be visibly superior, a quick comparison will show them that they really aren’t any different at all. Even though visually they are similar their prices are miles apart from each other.
“As you can see, white diamonds are far more common than COLORed DIAMONDS.” - Simply show your customer around your display cases, and it will quickly become clear that most diamond jewelry is made with white diamonds. This is a simple and effective way of showing customers that  COLORed DIAMONDS are far more unique and expressive. Remind them that  COLORed DIAMONDS are made from diamonds that are of a good quality in the first place (especially the lighter colors), and they’ll soon realise that color enhancement is added value.
Pink diamonds are the most expensive of all the colors.

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