Safety Standards

 Ensuring the Safety of COLORed DIAMONDSgergio_meter

Despite the fact that we use irradiation to produce our COLORed DIAMONDS, we can assure their complete safety.  While once the cyclotron process used to create color diamonds resulted in diamonds which remained radioactive for a few hours after treatment, today’s electron acceleration process means that the gemstones are completely safe immediately after treatment.

Even so, we understand how vital it is that this safety is assured, and for this reason we utilize an in-house Geiger counter to check all of our stones. If you’re in the jewelry trade, it’s advisable that you do the same thing. Always bear in mind that it’s not just diamonds which can be irradiated, many other types of stones are too.

In 1998, a disaster was narrowly averted with hundreds of dangerously radioactive cat’s eye stones (chryso-beryls) circulated throughout Asian markets. It’s a disaster that no one in the jewelry trade should ever forget; and a stark reminder of the importance of the Geiger counter.

Here at LOTUS COLORS, INC., we comply by all U.S. safety standards (level measured at 1.0 nCi/g) at all times, and we can guarantee that our stones contain no residual levels of radiation. In order to assure this even further, we follow a strict policy of irradiating all our diamonds right here in the U.S. In the rare occurrence that we do distribute a diamond enhanced by someone else, we do make sure that the diamond is treated using the same safety standards used by us.


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