Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds are extremely rare of all the fancy colored diamonds. In fact, Red Diamonds are considered to be the rarest of them all. As they are extremely rare, red diamonds are highly valuable and desirable. It is an extremely sought after colored diamond despite the fact that it comes with a highly expensive price tag. It is really a treasure for diamond enthusiasts and lovers.

Red Diamond symbolize warmth, energy, creativity, success, and friendliness. Their brilliance is simply mesmerizing. Every diamond lover craves to possess a red diamond.

At Lotus Colors, Inc., we understand your love and passion for red diamonds and have come up with an exquisite range of red colored diamonds.

We offer Red Diamond in shade of Reddish Cognac. It complements gold jewelry and resembles highly with its natural counterpart the Orangish Cognac Diamonds. The Reddish Cognac is made available in Rounds cut varying from 0.01 ct to 2.5 cts. The pricing is based on four quality levels depending upon the level of clarity and brightness of color.

As a valuable buying tip, Red Diamond with undertones of black and brown should be avoided as none of these undertones are particularly desirable.

At Lotus Colors, Inc., we relentlessly strive to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and aim to create diamonds with purest color possible. Our enhancing processes unveil the inherent beauty, sparkle and clarity of Red Diamonds. So, consider adding the vibrant, and magical red color to your diamond collection with Red Colored Diamonds.

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