Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds are regarded as one of the most sought after colored diamonds. They rank amongst the most valuable gemstones in the world. Pink Diamonds are pure embodiment of love, passion, romance, and fashion. They are truly magical and are considered as ultimate gift of love. Their sparkle is simply amazing!

Pink Colored Diamonds are usually set in necklaces, pendants, wedding rings, earrings, and bracelets. They come in Natural form as well as Enhanced form. Natural Pink Colored Diamonds are very rare. While, Enhanced Pink Diamonds are difficult to achieve.

At Lotus Colors, Inc., we offer four different shades of pink diamond. These are Ice Pink, Rose Pink, Coated Pink and Purplish Pink. Their color intensity ranges from bright pink to deep intense pink with purplish undertones. We usually employ irradiation process or HPHT process to get enhanced pink colored diamonds. However, for Ice Pink Diamonds coating process is used.

Our Pink Colored Diamonds are available in Rounds cuts from 0.01 ct to 1.75 cts. Moreover, our coated Ice Pink Diamonds come in various special shapes. These include not only Rounds (from 0.01 cts to 3.5 cts) and Princess (from 0.03 cts to 2.50 cts) cuts but also Pears, Radiants, Ovals, Cushions, Marquises, Asschers & Emerald cuts ( from 0.50 cts upwards). Our pricing is based on five different quality levels.

As a useful buying tip, pink diamond with undertones of red, brown & orange should be best avoided. So, consider adding a touch of pink color to your diamond collection with Pink Colored Diamonds.

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