Our Value Added Service

Same Day Shipping: Call us before 3 pm and we shall endeavor to send the shipment the very same day.

Buy Back Policy: Our ‘buyback policy’ ensures our customers are not unnecessarily stuck with our products.

Service With A Smile: We give optimum service to all our customers in a happy congenial manner, leaving no room for complaints.

For ManufacturersFor RetailersFor Designers
Different Price Points: We offer wide ranging price points to manufacturers to enable them to do business with customers of different tastes.


Straight Sizes: We give our manufacturers straight sizes so that they don’t have to carry residual inventory.


Large Quantity : We usually carry large quantities at hand so you don’t have to wait for long to complete your order.


Sample Products : To generate awareness and boost sales, we can send sample products for display to you at events like a ‘trunk show’ or ‘open house’.


Large Variety : We have a large variety of products and a wide range of colors to suit all tastes and preferences.

Complete Range : We offer a range of colors and shapes as wide as your imagination.canstockphoto10381812_comp


Newer Products : We constantly come up with newer color shades, to offer you fresher options every time.

Our 20 years of experience has allowed us to create every color of the rainbow.

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