Green Diamonds

Green Diamonds are recognized among the rarest forms of colored diamonds on earth. A Green Diamond symbolizes health, harmony, prosperity, growth, stability, endurance, generosity, and hope. They beautifully capture the very essence of nature in different shades of green. Green Diamond go perfectly well with green eyes and complement those having olive skin tone.

Green Diamonds are available in different color intensity grades ranging from faint green to intense green and usually contain one or two secondary hues. At Lotus Colors, Inc., we offer four shades of Green Diamonds such as Forest Green, Ice Green, Emerald Green, and Pine Green.

We relentlessly strive to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship by unveiling their inherent beauty, sparkle and clarity. We employ irradiation process to create a green colored diamond. The lighter shades of green diamond are the most expensive and are made from clearest diamonds.

Our Green Colored Diamonds are available in Rounds (from 0.01 ct to 3.5 cts), Princes’ (0.03 ct to 3.5 cts) cuts and also in different special shapes, as well. We also stock Marquises, Cushions, Ovals, Pears, Radiants, Asschers & Emerald cuts from 0.50 cts upwards. The grading is performed on the basis of color and clarity while pricing is determined by five different quality levels.

As a useful buying tip, green colored diamonds having too much undertones of yellow or blue should be avoided. At Lotus Colors, Inc., we take utmost care to offer green colored diamonds with perfect balance of secondary undertones.

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