Expressive Color Diamonds

Express Yourself with Color Diamonds

Color is in itself a truly expressive quality. No one would deny that each color of the rainbow has its own set of associations. Blue reminds us of calmness and serenity, of the sky and ocean. Red reminds us of fire, rage and passion. Green is associated with natural world, while purple has magical connotations. Everyone has a favourite color, and that means there’s a COLORed DIAMONDS to suit every personality.

But which diamond truly expresses the complexity of your personality? Some people can be calm and blue sometimes, but fiery and red just as often. Well, short of simply choosing both colors, think about which qualities you’d rather have. The diamond can then become a reminder of all you like best about yourself, or of qualities you’re trying to develop.

Someone whose rage frequently gets out of control may like to choose a blue diamond to remind them of the Zen-like qualities of calmness and serenity that could make their life more pleasant. Someone who is restrained in all their interactions might like to choose a red diamond, as a constant reminder to try to live life with passion.

Some people may like to choose a color diamond simply as an expression of their personality. Black diamonds symbolize mystery, darkness and gothic elegance, while pink diamonds symbolize all that is frivolous and fun.

Caribbean Blue Diamonds

Pink diamonds are the most expensive of all the colors.

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