Customer Testimonials

Lotus has always been very accommodating to our chain of stores. Whenever or whatever I have needed, Lotus has always come through. Their designs of colored diamond jewelry merchandise is by far the best selection I have seen and the prices are the most reasonable.Karla, South Dakota – U.S.A.
Lotus has given us an affordable and reliable source, for a large variety of colored diamonds. Their finished jewelry is also stylish and our customers are pleased with the quality of the designs & workmanship. Lotus also has good customer service, and they respond to all of our questions in a timely manner.Cohen, Oregon – U.S.A.
We have been using Lotus Colors for many years and have had great success with their jewelry pieces. The quality of the mountings are of good weight, so we don’t have to apologize for the weight of the shanks and prongs. The quality of their diamonds all matching is also a great selling point. We have used them for years and plan on continuing.
Thank You.
Jerry, Missouri – U.S.A.
Lotus color offers a great looking product at a very good price point.Sylvain, Quebec – Canada
I have been dealing with Lotus Colors for just over 6 months now and what i like about Lotus Colors is quite simple what they say they are going to do they do and the quality is excellent.
Nicholas, Melbourne – Australia
We have purchased color treated diamonds from Lotus Colors for over ten years. He has always been easy to work with, friendly and gets us what we are looking for right away. Lotus Colors is one of the best sources for melee sizes of color treated diamonds.
All the best
Etienne, Maine – U.S.A.
Your company has ALWAYS surpassed my expectations. Your staff takes the time to separate sizes, match the colors of your diamonds perfectly and always deliver on time. Your array of colors in treated diamonds is far better than any other dealer. I have also purchased fine quality natural color cognac diamonds. The make, color and clarity are much better than what most dealers offer. Your finished jewelry is expertly crafted and elegant in its manufacture. You have the best. I am very happy to do business with you.Valerie, New Mexico – U.S.A.
I have always enjoyed working with Lotus as our needs have always been filled promptly and accurately. Their prices are in line and their products have always exceeded my expectations.Michael, Iowa – U.S.A.
Lotus’ selection of colored diamonds is very brilliant and durable. I have used them in a pendant and also have them in my wedding ring. They respond great in the ultrasonic machine and wear well. I plan to use them in the future for my colored diamond needs. I love them! The company is also very easy to work with and happy to work with you on making sure you get the colors you need and want. I enjoyed my experiences with Lotus. Thanks Lotus!!Holly, Kansas – U.S.A.
We were introduced to Lotus Colors by a phone call from a representative one day earlier this year. We had never done business with Lotus, and this was the first time we had heard from them. By coincidence, a customer of ours casually inquired about a strand of black diamonds. Lotus was able to provide a lovely strand and we were able to make the sale. Since then, they have worked with us by providing inventory as well as flexible terms.
We look forward to a long-term relationship with Lotus Colors.
Alex , Virginia – U.S.A.
I’ve been buying from Lotus Colors for a few years now and have always been happy with the service and of course the products. The staff has never disappointed me with every aspect of my purchasing process.Ira, Maryland – U.S.A.
I’ve been a client of Lotus Colors for several years and continue to do business with this firm for several reasons. First, everyone at this company has been very honest and open with me about the product and want me to be successful in selling it. I have been impressed with the quality and consistency as well as the fast response to my orders. This is a company that does not sell to my own clients; they only sell wholesale and I really appreciate that. I can recommend them very highly and feel that you will have the same excellent service that I’ve enjoyed over the years of doing business with Lotus Colors.Pamela, Texas – U.S.A.
I have been EXTREMELY pleased with my relationship with Lotus Colors. They are great to deal with and their merchandise sells very well.Dennis, Delaware – U.S.A.
Outstanding memo service and brilliant color/quality. We appreciated your prompt service.
Mike, Indiana – U.S.A.
We haven’t done much business together but for whatever we have done we are totally satisfied with your products and service. Your selection and variety of goods is quite vast that allows you to cater to many different kind of businesses. You have always been very patient with us and always very helpful.Mike, St. Maarten’s
Our store has enjoyed a professional relationship for many years. The friendly service provided by Lotus Colors stands second to none. Lotus Color’s diamonds provides the latest designer colors in all shapes and sizes while offering the lowest prices. Thanks for being a phone call away.Greg and Carla, California – U.S.A.
We are glad for doing business with Lotus Colors and there are some important points distinguishing this company : Reliability, Correctness, Fastness and last but not least Compliment.
Thanks for the nice cooperation.
Rudi, Pforzheim – Germany
It has been a pleasure doing business with you over the past several years. The goods have always been exactly as promised and on time, even when I get a great last minute idea to put on a colored diamond show. I especially like the booklet that explains to our customers the treatment processes and safety to which they can obtain a beautifully color enhanced diamond at an affordable price point. It has been a secret sucess for our store and sets us apart from the ordinary stores.
Looking forward to many more sales.
Chris, Washington – U.S.A.
This Fall marks the end of our first year marketing and showcasing Lotus Colors. We have been in business for 100 years, and we can assure anyone that the craftsmanship of Lotus Colors is impeccable, the gold weight is substantial and the designs which range from traditional to avant-garde are all quite sellable. The entire staff of Lotus is approachable and knowledgeable, and they will go out of their way to help you with whatever your needs happen to be.Larry and Jody, Illinois – U.S.A.
They have beautiful product and swift friendly service. The colors are vibrant and true to the descriptions.
Nathan, Illinois – U.S.A.
Lotus Colors is a great company, excellent product and quick to act. I have had a multiyear relationship and they have always come through to help make the sale.Jay, Florida – U.S.A.
Lotus offers beautiful and unique styles, expertly manufactured and reasonably priced, with exceptional customer service on top of it all – what’s not to love?
Lotus does everything they can to help us be successful with his colored diamond line.
Best memos in the business!
Michael, Nebraska – U.S.A.
We have used Lotus Colors many times for our color diamond needs and have been very satisfied with the service and quality each time. They have a wide variety colors, qualities and are competively priced.Jeff, New Jersey – U.S.A.
I was asked to write a critique of Lotus Colors. I was asked this by the company and admonished to be critical as this was their only way to improve service. Any time I have called, the service has been excellent and the product is as described. I am afraid that my observations are only positive. Great company to deal with.Earl, Florida – U.S.A.
I have been very pleased with the service and products from Lotus Colors. Every time I call for a special order or need, you have it in stock and it is shipped the very next day. Your employees are very courteous and take the time to help me out. We started with your company several years ago on the recommendation from another diamond company when I was in need of a special color. Your memo program has been a great asset for us. Since then when selling mothers rings etc we suggest using colored diamonds, we have had a pretty good success rate when we suggest it. I do have the smaller sample kit which makes it a lot easier to show.Brad, Nebraska – U.S.A.
My experiences with Lotus Colors has been nothing less than outstanding. I receive outsanding customer service, great pricing, and selling ideas that has increased my sales. I hold this organization in very high regard.Steven, Indiana – U.S.A.
Our company has dealt with Lotus Colors for several years now.
We enjoy working with the whole team.
The customer service is excellent, prices are fair, and full disclosure of the nature of the color is always carefully communicated.
Keep up the great work!
Best Regards.
Dick, Minnesota – U.S.A.
Very friendly, understood the order, we received the correct colors and quick delivery -Thanks, Lotus!Steve, Minnesota – U.S.A.
I rely on Lotus Colors for uniquely – colored diamonds, excellent customer service and prompt delivery. Their wide range of brightly colored diamonds gives me the opportunity to provide my clients with a rainbow of color choices for the one-of-a-kind pieces we create for them.Paul, New York – U.S.A.
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