Color Diamond Engagement Rings

Elegance and Uniqueness: Color Diamond Engagement RingsFancy Colored Diamonds

There is a delicate balance to be struck with engagement rings. Everyone wants them to be elegant (the current fashion is for quite understated rings), but no one wants to have a ring that looks exactly like someone else’s. Color diamonds can be a wonderful way of keeping rings unique, while maintaining the cool elegance of diamonds.

One of the most famous weddings of this century, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, involved a wedding ring containing a large blue sapphire surrounded by small white diamonds. The sapphire is indeed beautiful, but it lacks the brilliance that a blue diamond would have given it.

Color diamonds are preferable to other colored gemstones in almost every situation. They match the brilliance of other diamonds, which means they work perfectly together, and they are far brighter and more durable than any other gemstone. Although jewelers do work hard to polish stones such as jade and topaz, they simply cannot achieve the same light-reflecting quality that a diamond naturally has.

With proper care, COLORed DIAMONDS are guaranteed to keep their color for more than a lifetime, so these are rings that can be passed down through the generations without losing any of their lustre.


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