Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds find their due place among the most valuable and rarest gemstones in the world. As a matter of fact, blue diamond symbolizes trust, integrity, loyalty, and wisdom. It is a dream of every diamond lover to possess a blue diamond. They have an elegant appearance and their sheer beauty simply leaves the beholder mesmerized. Their brilliance is amazing!

Blue Colored Diamonds are usually adored in the form of blue diamond solitaires, pendants, earrings, and wedding rings. They go onto perfectly complement white diamonds. The popularity of blue colored diamonds is constantly on the rise.

Blue Diamonds are available in a wide range of blue shades ranging from pure blue to intense blue. At Lotus Colors, Inc., we offer four different shades of blue diamond. These includes Aqua Blue, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, and Royal Blue. Among these offerings, Aqua Blue Diamond is the lightest and clearest and thus is most expensive of them all. We use irradiation process to create these four shades of blue diamond.

Our Blue Diamond stock is available in Rounds (from 0.01 ct to 5 cts) and Princes’ (from 0.03 ct to 3.5 cts) cuts. We also offer Cushions, Pears, Ovals, Radiants, Marquises, Asschers & Emerald cuts from 0.50 cts upwards. Their grading is based on color and clarity. We price our blue diamonds at six different quality levels.

As a valuable buying tip, always avoid blue diamond which has greenish undertones as this reduces its overall value. So, if you are looking for the best blue diamond for your money, then we are there to serve you with our exquisite range of blue colored diamonds.

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