Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds are amongst the most popular of fancy colored diamonds. They are relatively cheaply priced when compared with other colored diamonds. However, this does not lower their craze with diamond enthusiasts as they simply love to possess black diamond. As a matter of fact, Black Diamonds constitute one of the hottest trends in fine jewellery today.

Black Diamond symbolizes mystery, boldness, and strength. They are usually set in rings, pendants, earrings and are patronized equally by both men and women. They are brilliant when set with either silver or gold, and come as fantastic counterpart to white diamonds.

At Lotus Colors, Inc., we understand and value your craze and love for black diamonds and offer you our most vivid and extensive range of black colored diamonds.

Black Diamonds do not come in different shades and so are the easiest colored diamonds to buy. They are mainly characterized by broken girdles or open cavities on the surface which are indicative of their clarity levels. It is the presence or absence of these surface inclusions that go onto decide the price of a black colored diamond.

We offer black diamonds in Rounds and Princess cuts. Rounds cut black diamonds are available from 0.01 cts to 10 cts whereas Princess cut black diamonds are available from 0.10 cts to 5 cts. That’s not all, as we also carry Marquises, Pears, Ovals, Cushions, Radiants & Emerald cuts from 1 ct upwards. Based on the presence or absence of surface inclusions, we have graded three different qualities of black diamonds.

At Lotus Colors, Inc., we relentlessly strive to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and aim to unveil the inherent beauty, sparkle and clarity of Black Diamonds. So, consider adding the mysterious black color to your diamond collection with Black Colored Diamonds.

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