Ever since recorded history began, gemstones were considered to possess mystical powers that could be passed onto the bearer. It’s not known when the concept of birthstones became popular, but traditional English poems suggest that certain stones have been associated with certain months since ancient times.

Even today, many people still consider their birthstones to be simply ‘their’ gemstones, even if they don’t believe in the good luck that they convey. They can be a great addition to engagement rings, and are always appropriate as birthday presents.

In recent years, color enhanced diamonds have proven to be a popular alternative to these gemstones, as they are brighter and more durable. An emerald simply cannot match the luminance of a green diamond, for example, while onyx can never reflect light in the way that a black diamond does. Sapphire is beautiful, but blue diamonds are truly magical.

Not only are color enhanced diamonds more durable but their brilliance makes the jewelry more appealing. Also, in mothers rings putting COLORed DIAMONDS that share the same brilliance looks better than putting different types of gemstones next to each other.

Luckily, there is a COLORed DIAMONDS to match every birthstone in the calendar, as you’ll see below;

Purple Diamond

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